We are the self appointed
Guardians of childhood.
And this is our sanctuary.

Children are an endangered species. And childhoods have become even more short-lived than before.

WagTales is focussed on righting this oversight. In however small a way we can. 
We engage children and their imaginations through stories, play, movement, art and music. And indirectly, by empowering their parents and teachers through training. 
We also work with corporates to unravel the creativity in their employees by simply taking them back to their childhoods.

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Keep the kids engaged

What can a child do at a wedding or a meet? Except for run around and get under the feet of the adults until it is told to sit in one place and behave itself. Designate an area for them, and put us in charge. We will engage them with stories, books, games, art, craft and music. Get in touch to know more.

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