We are the self appointed
Guardians of childhood.
And this is our sanctuary.

Children are an endangered species. And childhoods have become even more short-lived than before.

WagTales is focussed on righting this oversight. In however small a way we can. 
Through stories, creativity, movement, rhythm, games, art and craft, we intend to sustain childhoods for longer. Of children directly; and indirectly through their parents. And of grown-ups who haven't had enough of a childhood.

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Kids hate their parent's workplace

How can we create a healthier relationship between a child and the one place that keeps their parents away from them? Give us a weekend, and we can do just that. With games, a tour, a report card, and art activities all designed to create an understanding of exactly what mama and papa do at work. Closing with an enactment/play/puppet show of a story written specially for the organisation, putting across the impact and importance of what the organisation does - in a fun, engaging way.